Saturday, December 29, 2012

Music, video, story, and WORDPLAY!

I watched too many music videos recently.

I love the details, bright colors, dancing part, or drama version of Korean MV. It feels like the company put a big effort to make those videos worth to watch from beginning to the end. These are some of my favorites:

Cr: 2NE1


Cr: sment

Since I'm the type of person who read through the lyrics, I like the one with all the words are written all over it. Like these:

But, the one that I love the most.. when it comes with a story.

Taylor Swift has just released her newest music video 2 weeks ago with an edgy look, plus a spoken intro & outro! I really had nothing to do at home, so... I made the wordplay!

Check the video below:

And for the last music video is... the extraordinary one:

So, what kind of music video that you like? 
Happy weekend! :)

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