Saturday, August 3, 2013


I'm the yin for the yang. I'm the intro for the extro.
I have too many reasons to categorize myself as an introvert.

I feel more comfortable to pour down my thoughts into a written form. 
I need a good-friend-shield to attend social event.
I often let some calls going through my voicemail.
I like to have a conversation in small group with other 3-4 people.
I love to spend long hours inside my room, by myself, anytime I have a chance to.
I think too much, act less.
Sometimes... I live on my imagination.
Sometimes... I just need my personal space, roll the day inside my hamster ball, without judgement from anyone about anything I care about.

Sometimes... I let my introvert side to rule my world. At those time, I turn into a happy loner.

An introversion comic by Luchie (taken from pleated-jeans).

"I just appreciate silence, in a world that never stops talking."

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