Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Simple Guide to Get South Korea Visa


I can't bear the excitement for going to South Korea next weekend! Yapppppp those days are going to be arrived very very soon! :D

I already got my visa, booked the hostels, and prepared the itinerary. I will landed on Seoul, then visit Jeonju and Busan in the middle of my South Korea trip. Myeongdong, Hongdae, Nami Island, Namsan Tower, Haeunde beach.. I can't wait to see those places with my own eyes :)

My 'Golden' Ticket 

It turned out that getting South Korea Visa didn't cost me a lot of time or complicated process after all. You just have to fill the application form and prepare all the documents that they ask you to. Just a simple copy of your passport, a reference letter from your bank stated your account number and total savings, a copy of your bank account for the last three months before your date of application, a reference letter from your office stated that you're working there and a guarantee that you'll be back after your visit, and a document that show your family relationship (for Indonesian, you can use your KK - Kartu Keluarga). You also can attached supported documents like your airline ticket and hotel/hostels booking confirmation. Drop those documents with your passport to South Korea Embassy on weekdays morning, pay IDR 288k and they will issued the visa 4 days later.

For Indonesian, you can visit South Korea Embassy website to download the application form and find more info.

I have ever heard the rumor about the minimum amount of your bank account that you should have for applying Korean Visa. IDR 30 mio or 50 mio! That's quite a shock.. But my friends got their visa with 10+ mio on their account, while I'm trying to maintain my account around 10+ - 20+ mio for the last three months. So, don't buy that rumor.

Well.. wait for my next post after the trip! Annyeong! :)

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