Saturday, October 20, 2012

What's Up?

Hola! Annyeong!

Whoaaa it's been a month since my last post. I guess my life has become messier these days >.< haha..
But let me tell you my source of patronus charm for this past month :)

I was going to my first K-Pop concert: SM Town!

Shouting and jumping with another thousands of fans was exciting! My seating zone was near DBSK (TVXQ)'s fan and they're unite on their red clothes, big flag, balloons, and of course the famous light stick.

It felt so weird when I was surrounding by TVXQ, Super Junior, EXO, and even Shinee's fan, but I'm the only woman who's cheering happily when SNSD came up haha ;p
But even though I saw them from hundred feet away, with some help from my mini binocular and 3 big screens on stage, I can judge that they're so gorgeous! Seo Hyun is sooooo pretty! #gogumalegacy #yongseospirit ;)

Another week after that, James Morrison performance on Java Soulnation 2012 blew my mind..

He's voice is indescribable! With a guitar on his hand, he made hundreds of people singing and dancing inside the stadium. Unfortunately, the show started about a half an hour behind the schedule, so Mr. Morrison wrapped his show in a rush.

On my way to Java Soulnation, my friend who's just returned from Garut, gave me a special chocolate as a joke. He knew my love life story very well.. Haha.. I took it as a blessing from a good friend ;)

Currently, I'm working at a national plus school located in South Jakarta. We're planning to held a big event on early December this year and collaborating with WWF for their Rhinocare program. Do you know that there are only 50 rhino (java species) at Ujung Kulon right now? They're almost extinct! :( You can join the program to save our rhino buy adopting them with 250k IDR as a donation. WWF will give you a rhino doll or t-shirt as a bonus.

Every Friday, the students at my school held a performance in front of their friends and parents. Everyone burst into laughter when these Year 1 students showed up with their Gangnam Style dance :D

5 Year students also held a science exhibition last week. They're brilliant! How come a little girl, who's just 11 years old, was able to explain that the combination of lemon, zinc, metal, and wire can replace the battery function to turn on a digital watch? :O

While I was spending my time waiting for a friend at Aksara book store weeks ago, I found a very interesting book..

I guess I need this kind of book :) But lately I'm curious, when I bravely ask to hundred of people "Do you like your job?", how many persons will have "yes" as their answer?

Beside that, last week I just finished another inspiring book..

You shouldn't have let anyone tell you what you have to do.. It's your life and you're the owner of your own steps.. Make your life easier and happier with doing something that you like just because you want to :) You're the one who know yourself better than others, right?

Last but sooo not least, right now I'm addicted with Kang Maru! haha.. I'm currently watching Song Joong Ki new drama called "The Innocent Man" or "Nice Guy". The story is about a man who betrayed by his past lover and now seeking for a revenge! Kang Maru, who played by Song Joong Ki, is the main character of this drama. If you're a K-drama lovers, I totally recommend you to watch this drama. But.. be prepare to be caught on Kang Maru "fever" ;p

Lee Gwang Soo, who play as Jae Gil (Kang Maru loyal friend), has made the cold drama become warmer by his quirky gestures and silly act :)
It's currently airing on KBS2 every Wednesday & Thursday, and planned to be aired for 20 episodes. I can't wait to watch its 13th episode next week!

That's my recap. Adios!

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