Sunday, July 21, 2013


What's bromance?

Refer to, bromance is a close non-sexual relationship between men. Blend of 'bro' and 'romance'. It's similar with brotherhood, I just get a feeling the word 'bromance' is the stronger one. 

The word came up to my mind lately while I'm watching K-drama called School 2013. As you may guess from the title, the story is about a bunch of high schoolers, facing and trying to solve all their youth problems: grades, preparation for college, bullying, push over parents, and friendship. It's a light drama, but not a boring one. It blooms the i-miss-wearing-my-uniforms kind of feeling. I'm watching its 12th episode while writing this blog and still curious about the ending (4 eps to go!). 

The main reason why I started to watch this drama is because I recently got a crush with one of the leading roles, actor Lee Jong Suk as Go Nam Soon. On School 2013, he was paired with another actor, Kim Woo Bin as Park Heung So. Their bromance story is forced me to curl up myself under the blanket this weekend and keep awake until dawn. By the way, I have to watch until eps 7 to finally knew what's the real deal between these two. Dear writer, it's not a short journey really...

I found a FMV on youtube to sum up Go Nam Soon and Park Heung So bromance story :)

As an addition, I started to fall for Lee Jong Suk after watched his currently airing k-drama, called I Hear Your Voice (totally dig in this drama after Nice Guy). Pairing with classy lady actress Lee Bo Young, they're the sweetest dongsaeng (little brother/sister) and noona (big sister) on screen couple ever! 
A lot of people saying that Lee Jong Suk has a weird face, at some points yes he is I guess, but he looks great at some angles too and... I can't resist the charm <3

The first one is Kang Min Hyuk, now Lee Jong Suk. At the moment, 180+ guy with single eye-lid and great smile easily grab my attention ^^ (but hey they have good personality too!)

Watched School 2013 here and I Hear Your Voice here. Happy streaming!

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