Sunday, February 9, 2014

7 things I Love About The Lego Movie

I watched The Lego Movie last night. I didn't have a big expectation for this movie and it's not my choice to wrap up the night at a cinema, but I just followed my friends' plan all along. While waited for the movie to begin, my friend checked the imdb score and it got 8.8! Wow it's quite high. After fully enjoyed the 100 mins of pure happiness inside the theater, I walked out from the cinema and understood why everyone will love this movie.

1) The Plot : Simplicity
The story is so simple and not that special. It's too light for our under pressure-hard work-brain, yet it's still enjoyable and refreshing. The movie is about an ordinary guy who's chosen to save the world from the bad guy (Lord Business or President Business), based on a prophecy. The special one. We heard that kind of plot too many times right? Well, at first it sounds so similar with Harry Potter to me, but the truth it is not. You have to watch the movie first, I won't spill any spoilers here :)

2) The Main Character: Emmet
Emmet is just an ordinary contractor worker who lives happily lonely based on the instructions day by day. He's your friendly neighbor, full of smile, has a positive mind, never breaks the rules, but he blends too well until he rarely being noticed or remembered by everyone. Who's Emmet? No one can said something about him more than one or two sentences. I love how the creator pick Emmet as the main character, because he might be one of us in a real world.

3) The Jokes
They're not trying too much to be funny. Most of them are just old school jokes, but hey we love them.

4) The Other Characters
Our famous favorite character are there! Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman, Dumbledore, Gandalf, even Little Mermaid, Shaquille O'Neill, Abraham Lincoln, and my hero Captain Sulu! My fav characters beside Emmet are the quirky Batman and bad cop/good cop.

5) The Final Message
Everyone is special if they're believe in themselves. I guess that's the core message of the movie, please correct me if I'm wrong.

6) The Song
It's the best part! Bet this song will stuck in your mind until... you heard another new catchy song. Tegan & Sara feat. The Lonely Island are awesome!

7) The Lego
Colorful bricks? Complete forms? Moving? Childhood fantasy is come true!

Oh my g.o.s.h! The Double Decker Couch!
Everything is AWESOME!

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