Saturday, May 3, 2014

7 things I love to own this May

I'll be quarter of a century old in 3 weeks. Yay or nay?
I don't want a surprise party or any other celebration, but I can't stop myself from having a birthday wish list! I'll give you my reasons :)

1)  Allegiant (from Divergent Trilogy)

...because even though I've read some spoilers, I still want to know the whole story.

2) Dodgers Merchandise

...because I need a new watch and it's Dodgers. Fan of a fan.

3) Place of Blue Photo book

...because most of the times Japanese goodies are too expensive to afford >,<

4) Bose IE2 Audio Earbuds

...because no music no life so I need to treat my ears with excellent sound quality.

5) Line Sticker Merchandise

...because they're so comfy, puffy, and I fell for Moon.

6) Crossed & Reached (from Matched Trilogy)

...because I want to know Cassie's true match. Will it be Xander? or Ky?

7) Clinique Chabby Stick

...because lip balm, lip tint, and lipstick are not enough. Who's with me ladies?

I have to find my Ginnie now~ let me know what's on your list :)
Hope it'll be a maytastic month!

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