Friday, June 6, 2014

Being 25 (and my newest bucket list!)

"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22"? x)
-Taylor Swift

Nothing's change, well at least nothing big. Surprisingly I didn't feel the quarter life blues that my friend  had warned me before, but there's a big chance it'll be coming later *awkward grin*. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by people I really care about, to be received opportunities to make my dreams come true one by one, and to be braver for being myself. I feel truly blessed in every way. Thank you God, you're the best!

Following the wish list that I wrote early last month, I succeed to get 3 over those 7 things on my list. Good friends of mine gave me the Allegiant novel and the other surprised me with a Moon doll! Even though in the end I bought the Place of Blue by myself (with a great help from a very kind japanese lady), it's worth for every JPY I spent.

Well, with a new age and (several) new dreams, I want to share 25 things on my bucket list.

1) Coffee hopping in Melbourne
2) Watch CNBLUE ZEPP tour in Japan
3) Turn my hobby (planning for a trip, create an itinerary) into my new source of fund ;p
4) Go on a mission trip (or volunteer)
5) See a broadway musical
6) Learn how to make a good coffee (plus the latte art)
7) Watching Coldplay *mega awesome* concert
8) Watch the ball drop in Times Square
9) Watch baseball game and go cray screaming for the team with their fans in Korea, Japan, or LA
10) Cherry blossom in Japan
11) Eat gelato and pasta in Italy
12) Go to CNBLUE fan signing event
13) Take my parents to xxx with me (secret mission)
14) Go to Lavender Fields and Higashimokoto Phlox Park in Hokkaido
15) Learn to create mango dessert
16) Drink butterbeer at Harry Potter World (Universal Studio)
17) Dance with local people in Barcelona
18) Culinary trip to 6 major cities in Indonesia
19) Snowy Christmas
20) Adopt a puppy
21) Able to master 2 foreign languages
22) Living in Korea for a month
23) Watch a football game in England
24) Dinner in Paris
25) Have a rock n roll day at Summer Sonic in Japan

It's a looooooong way to go and the challenging part is it's keep growing! Wish me luck!
Or is there anyone want to check a thing or two from their bucket list with me? :)


  1. number 2, 10, 12, 23, and 25.
    count me in put!
    *brb cari promo sakura, ketemu, mau klik lanjut, malah klik close tab T_T*

    btw ternyata kita seumuran ya. hahaha

    1. haha cherry blossom in japan is damn expensive >< makanya kalo mau dapat hiburan yang lebih hemat cari di korea aja hahahaha
      mau bangettt zepp sama summer sonic tahun depan press lessgoooo

  2. Semoga mimpinya bisa tercapai satu persatu yaaaa :D

    Dee -