Sunday, July 6, 2014

Airport Fashion: Code JSJ

Jung Soo Jung or known widely as Krystal from korean girl group, f(x), is my new addiction nowadays. I totally fell for her classy, casual, yet edgy look. She rarely wear bright color. Recently, she admitted that she didn't has any pink or yellow color in her closet.

eyes on: military jacket + rolling stones tee

eyes on: denim jacket
eyes on: black and white stripes tee and black shawl
eyes on: red and white stripes tee
eyes on: total monochrome look!

eyes on: oversized checkered shirt
eyes on: grey benie + black leather jacket
eyes on: military cap
She often walkes with her head down or hides her face behind shades, mask, or cap that will make her looks cold or arrogant. However, the truth is she's just really shy. All the people who ever worked with her said that she's a cheerful, carefree, kind, sweet, and adorable person :)

And as Krystal, she can be this bold.

Pink Tape, summer 2013
Red Light, summer 2014

(pictures credit: the klassic,, fx china fansite, sm entertainment)


  1. Hi there! So I bet you watch Jessica & Krystal tv show too? Because I do :D
    These two ice princess kinda remind me of Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Krystal's personal style is similiar with her sister, casual chic, sometimes edgy. And they are a great proof that stripes shirt, monochrome outfits doesn't look so boring. <3


    1. Hello Jane!
      Yes I'm a big fan of that show! High 5! :D
      I rarely have bright colors outfit too, but Krystal has gave me a bunch of ideas how to style the natural color clothes now~