Monday, August 20, 2012

Eid ul-Fitr

Happy Eid ul-Fitr! Taqoballahu minna waminkum o:)

During Lebaran I always spend my afternoon at my grandmother house. My Lebaran day is very quick because on the evening I already got home and have nothing to do haha.. so I have a bunch of free time during this holiday. Yeay!

Every moslem family or people always have their own tradition of Lebaran, as for me this is my kind of tradition every year.

 Ketupat! The word Lebaran attached to this packed rice

 A big bag which contains my survival items to spend my day at my grandma house

 I already left the tradition of buying a new dress for Lebaran since 3 or 4 years ago. For this year, I borrowed my mother vintage dress. She said this dress has never been worn, but she already has it like a zillion years ago :)

 #fromwhereistand before going to my grandma's. I pick La Spina's batik shoes to cover my feet. These are the most comfortable high heels ever! 

 Bro&Sis. Tom&Jerry. Bonnie&Clyde.

 The famous Rendang Uci! As a West Sumatra or Padang people, I called my grandma as Uci and my grandpa as Aki. Our food are spicy and not healthy ;p

This is it. The best Nastar in town. My entire family looooovvveee these cookies.

I caught an early symptoms of flu yesterday. My throat was hurt and my body's temperature was rising. So I spend the rest of my day in bed and read this novel. The novel is written by Ika Natassa. Twivortiare is the sequel of Ika Natassa's former novel called Divortiare. It's about Lexy and Dr. Beno love and hate relationship. As a single young woman, I learn a lot about a marriage life through those novels.


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