Thursday, August 30, 2012


Japan Major 1st Album, out NOW! 

Here it is! The 29th of August that I've been waiting for already said hello yesterday. I'm writing this blog while listening to CNBLUE new Japanese album called "CODE NAME BLUE". This one sounds different than others. The boys said there are various types of songs in this album and they can be the perfect soundtrack for your day. I totally agree with them. Happy, sad, broken, angry? or anything else you name it, just choose a song and sing it loudly.

There are 14 songs on this album. 7 of them are new songs, while others have been released on their previous Japanese single or mini album. The leader YongHwa composed/co-composed 10 songs. Wohoooo! :D

My favorites from their new songs are "These days" and "Blue sky", really love both lyrics and melodies! The genius JongHyun is the man behind "These days" music, no wonder.. :)

3&4. xsaki9 (taken from

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