Friday, August 17, 2012

Holy month's happy things

Let's these pictures tell the story of my happy Ramadhan :)

My favorite part of this holy month is a tradition to meet up and have a breakfasting together with my friends, old & new.


High School Never Ends #2807

Bachelors of Economics #FEUI2007

An evening with 35th JGTC Core Committe. Nice to meet you guys, good luck! :)

On this August, some of my best friends are also having their birthday!

'Casandra' birthday party ;p

 Happy birthday Ecaboy!

Saengil Chukahamnida Kemala Hadi <:D

And... have you meet these pretty girls yet?

Our meme faces ;p

Sadly, within this happy month, one of my dear friends is leaving to continue her study at Tilburg. I'll be missing you Kara.. :'(

Tot Ziens Kara Monica! <3

Ramadhan will be over soon in a few days. Wish to meet these holy lovely month again next year! 


  1. OMG 'cassandra' hahahahahahahhaah loveyouuu

  2. put, lo anak feui 2007?
    huwaaaa ga nyangka ternyata kita kuliah di tempat yang sama, ngider-ngider di kolam makara yang sama, cuma beda 1 angkatan lebih dulu :)))