Monday, September 30, 2013

Three Color Leaves On The Ground

October. Fallen leaves on the ground.

I've been waiting for this month to come since last January! I really love fall season (spring too) and this year I have another chance to fell that gloomy-earthy-chilly mood again. Sadly, I'm living in a tropical country so neither fall nor spring will swing around here, never. I only have two options: soaked by the sweat or soaked by the rain, all year long.

Fortunately, the universe has blessed me with a pack of new exciting things to celebrate the three color leaves season this year. New moonlighting job; struggling with new challenge of the post first semester coffee shop; drowning in preparation for a new concept restaurant, while juggling to keep updated with my blue world and yet still have to catch on 3 new k-dramas + 3 new season of my favorite US series. Have I mention Blue Moon concert in Jakarta? Oh yeah I should add that too. All in a month. At last, not only will be closing the mighty October in a new surrounding but I will be also starting November in another new city. A superb wrap up!

So here I am.. at the edge of September. Half excited, half terrified. I just have to take one more step.. and the roller coaster ride will start as soon as tomorrow.

Hello hello, moshi-moshi, ciao ciao, busy busy ;)

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