Friday, December 27, 2013

(More than) Once In A Blue Moon

Let's go crazy! Do it, do it, do it now ~

Since I have fallen in love with CNBLUE's music last year, watching their live stage had been a priority on my bucket list. I already watched their concerts in Seoul and endless list of their Japan tour through DVD and videos in YouTube. They live act were so great and enjoyable. So when the announcement of their world tour (BLUE MOON) came up early this year, the only thing that went through my mind was: I had to go!

Part 1: Blue Moon in Singapore, where it all began..

Taipei was their 1st stop and it's not easy to reach Taiwan without a proper plan for me, but not too long after that they announced Singapore as their 2nd stop. Yeaynesss! The concert would be held on April 13th, but first thing first: I had to make sure to get the ticket. Thanks God I was able to buy it online through Sistic. After a madness battle with the web system problem due to high traffic in Sistic, I managed to get my ticket. It wasn't my first choice category but I didn't care as long as I had a reserved seat :)

Part of me knew that the concert would be awesome but since it's my first experience, I lowered my expectation. I had arrived at the concert hall, Singapore Indoor Stadium, an hour before the concert began. While waited for my cousin to come, I listened to their concert set list and I really couldn't hide my excitement: my feet won't stop moving, my heart beat faster, I couldn't stand still and wandered around.

I had got into the concert hall 10 minutes before it began, took a moment to the rest room, and when I came back the hall already went dark. Here we go! Their live stage was beyond my expectation, my affection has grew multiple times after watched their concert. I brought my camera inside, even though at the entrance gate the security asked me not to take any pictures and videos but they're not around throughout the concert, so... I recorded a few fancams ;)

The one thing I need from my fancams was a clear view of my fav CNBLUE's member, Kang MinHyuk, the drummer. He couldn't move around and stuck with his drum set further away from the edge of the stage, that's why I need my camera and a binocular.

I had a wonderful time during Singapore concert, then my crazy adventure started...

Part 2: Blue Moon in Bangkok, broke fan girl story..

Their next stop after Singapore was Bangkok. I didn't need a visa to go to Bangkok. Hmm.. should I go? After landed in Jakarta from Singapore, I texted my cousin: "I have a thought to watch their concert in Bangkok, shall we go?". Unexpectedly she responded my crazy question positively! Because the tickets were already sold out, we didn't raise our hope too high and started to look for fans who were probably have extra tickets to sale. I didn't know how the universe worked but it didn't take a long time for us to get those tickets. The seller is Indonesian too, so it's easier for us to communicate.
Two weeks later, we landed in Bangkok.

Since it was an unexpected trip, we're going on a really tight budget. Our plan was arrived at Bangkok on Friday night, went straight to our guest house and sleep, woke early in the morning on Saturday then rushed to the concert hall to grab the official merchandise and stayed there until the concert ended. The last one was going around Siam area on Monday afternoon while waiting for our flight back home at night.

To sum up, it wasn't a very happy and pleasant journey after all. We didn't have a chance to enjoy Bangkok tasty food, the security took my camera away when the concert started so I missed the first song, it was during that time when the gray dark cloud hanging above Yong Hwa's head so he was not as playful and chatty as usual and I couldn't watch their performance clearly since too many people blocked my vision (even though I sat in the vip area... x__x). But I managed to get all the official merchandise I looked for (except the MIA poster) and met the nicest people during this trip :)

Part 3: Blue Moon in Kuala Lumpur, I thought it was the last one..

Reached the point when my friends raised their eyebrows: "what? are you going to KL to catch another Blue Moon concert? Are you crazy?" I don't know, maybe. I felt like I met my match, everything went so smoothly this time. Bought the tickets via Red Tix (easy breezy), got super cheap flight to KL, the concert hall was just a walking distance from my hotel, totally enjoyed the concert, and the blue boys blew my mind again this time. Still crave for more? YES.

I looooooove the sexy cutie hottie manly drummer!

Part 4: Blue Moon in Jakarta, one superb wrap up...

After the tragic cancellation of CNBLUE's Asian Tour: Blue Storm in Jakarta two years ago, during their world tour this year, the blue boys finally arrived and hold their concert in Jakarta! *SO MUCH WIN* 

Jakarta was their last stop for Blue Moon World Tour in 2013 and the ending of my cray cray adventure. This time everything went soooooooooooooooooooooo great, beyond my imagination. 

I got the chance to represent Kavenyou and write the full coverage for this event! I was able to attend the press conference and got free ticket (media ID) for the concert! *woot woot*

So that day finally came, the day when I saw the boys clearly with my own eyes, without a binocular glued to my eyes. The boys were look dashingly handsome as I imagine at the press conference. I couldn't take my eyes off of the drummer (most of the time) during that event. My excitement raised up when he looked back at me, I put on my brightest smile and wave my hand, then... he gave me his killer eye smile! OH MY GOD~ I treasured that 15 minutes event, one of my best days this year.

IMHO, Blue Moon in Jakarta was the best concert I've ever watched. The concert hall was the smallest one, but fully occupied, so the event felt more intimate. The boys gave the audience their post card set for free as an apology for Blue Storm tragedy, the crowd sang too loud and fired up their performance on stage as a result, plus plus too many warm fan services! My happiness multiplied thousand times when I heard that everyone I know whom watched CNBLUE's live performance for the first time (some of them not even fans of this band) acknowledged that they really enjoyed the show! 

Last note: CNBLUE will continue their world tour to America next January, maybe Europe after that. I'm still looking forward for the encore concert which usually hold in Seoul, so... is it really the end? :)

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