Saturday, December 21, 2013

7 Scenes I Love From Chan Young & Bo Na

It's Saturday, time to post something I love about! Since I'm still on "ChanBo-I miss them-drama writer please make spin-off series for this couple" blues, I will share my 7 favorite lines or scenes of Chan Young & Bo Na from the recent ended K-drama, The Heirs. 

Warning: It's gonna be loooong.. and cheesy!

1) Chan Young likes to tease Bo Na (Ep 3)
Chan Young & Eun Sang took a picture together at Universal Studio, LA.

ES : Are you uploading it on your SNS?
CY : Yeah, to show you something cool.
ES : What is it?
CY : Count to three.
ES : 1, 2, 3
*Bo Na calling*
CY : See that? Isn't it cute? 
ES : Do you want to die? Do you want to see me get my hair pulled out by Lee Bo Na?
CY : Oh, that sounds fun!
ES : You're going to die!
CY : Wait a minute.. Hello? (answering Bo Na phone call)
BN : Hey are you crazy? Why is Cha Eun Sang there? What are you doing with Cha Eun Sang?
CY : I'm with Cha Eun Sang, thinking about you! What else would I be doing?

2) Bo Na lied, but Chan Young knew all the way (Ep 5)
Kim Tan (Bo Na's ex-bf) back to Korea, Myung Soo told her about the news.

MS : Hey! Hey Lee Bo Na!
BN : What's wrong? (while walked with Chan Young)
MS : Don't be too surprised..
BN : Don't blocked the hallway!
MS : Kim Tan is back in Korea!
*BN tried to hide her "oh my god" face, Myung Soo snapped a picture of her*
MS : Ahh, a crucial moment.
*BN made a gesture "you will die" to Myung Soo*
MS : (to Chan Young) You need to watch out.
CY : (looked at Bo Na) What's with you?
BN : Huh? I was singing in my head. What did he say?
CY : He said Kim Tan is back in Korea.
BN : Who? Oh, the kid whom you saw in LA? Oh, but I wonder what name of the song was... The song I was singing in my head... I'm really frustrated that I can't remember the title, so I'm going to go and ask Ye Sol. Okay? (BN walked away)
CY : What song is it? GOD'S "Lie"? Big Bang's "Lie"? T-Ara's "Lie"?

3) Bo Na hated Kim Tan, she wanted to avoid him badly (Ep 6)
Kim Tan met with Chan Young at Myung Soo's play room. Bona walked in.

BN: Chan Young-aaa! 
*saw Chan Young with Kim Tan, she pretend to answer a phone call and walked out. Chan Young looked at her with a smile*
KT : I think Lee Bo Na still has feelings for me.
CY : Why would anyone avoid a beaten-up car out of regret?

4) Bo Na is cute, Chan Young loves it (Ep 7)
Chan Young and Eun Sang studied together at school library.

ES : Hurry and go, Bo Na might get angry.
CY : Bo Na doesn't get angry, everything about her is cute.

5) Chan Young & Bo Na glued to each other (Ep 12)
Chan Young & Bo Na entered the school gym for PE class together.

CY : Did you listen well in class?
BN : No, I couldn't because you weren't there.
CY : Look at you lying! (while gave a small pinch on Bo Na's cheek)

6) Bo Na & Chan Young's way to end the cold war (Ep 14)
Bo Na on her duty as an announcer at school broadcasting studio talking to Eun Sang and Hyo Shin about Chan Young .

BN : (to Eun Sang) Did you tell Chan Young that I've been reflecting?
HS : 2 minutes and 40 secs before broadcast.
ES : Last time, you said you wouldn't accept my directing.
BN : Hey! I thought you and Chan Young were friends. Didn't you hear anything about me?
ES : That's what makes Yoon Chan Young so manly, and such a nice person.
BN : Do you really want Chan Young and I to break up?
HS : I do, chatting is prohibited. 2 minutes and 10 seconds until broadcast. (he secretly turned on the broadcast button)
BN : Sunbaenim! Hey Cha Eun Sang! Can you tell Yoon Chan Young that I'm really reflecting on it a lot? Lately I've been suffocating, Chan Young is my air, without him beside me, am I able to breathe? I feel like I'm in outer space.. But then the broadcast... the light is on! Oh my God! Sunbaenim! No! (Chan Young and the entire school heard everything)
*Bo Na walked on school hallway tried to cover her face, bumped to Chan Young. She ran away*
CY : Hey, Lee Bo Na! Where are you going? I have something to say. (while tried to catch Bo Na)
BN : Don't say it! I won't listen to it! You're going to break up with me!
CY : That's not it, stop for a while!
BN : Don't chase me! I won't listen!
*Chan Young giggled and ran towards Bo Na*

7) Chan Young got jealous (3 parts)
 - Part 1 (Ep 17)
Chan Young, Bo Na, Myung Soo, and Young Do hung out at play room. Myung Soo talked about the DJ line up of a party. Young Do mentioned something about music and girls. 

CY : Girls are music.
BN : Then what type of music am I for you, honey?
CY : Hmmm.. Carols? 
MS : Death Metal.
BN : Come here, you deserve it! (tried to punch Myung Soo)
MS : If you take one more step towards me.. I'm going to steal you from Chan Young!
*Chan Young stood up and grabbed Myung Soo's clothes*
CY : What makes you think you said that?
BN : Heol! He got jealous.
MS : Heol! I got used.

- Part 2 (Ep 19)
Chan Young & Bo Na at Kim Tan's birthday party, surprisingly met Bo Na's brother. Chan Young thought Bo Na cheated on him.

BN :  Say hi, he is...
CY : Lee Bo Na! I knew you would do this, didn't I say I'll break your legs?
BN : Go ahead, they are yours anyway.
CY : How could you say that while linking your arms with another man? Unlink them right now!

- Part 3 (Ep 19)
Bo Na & Eun Sang met up with boys from another school to discuss about their partnership for broadcasting club. Kim Tan & Chan Young came and interrupted.

X : You have a good personality. Do you have a boyfriend?
KT : Honey? (to X&Y) She's married. Can't you see what's going on? Leave.
Y : We didn't even discuss about the festival yet.
X : Let's just go for today, (to Bo Na) I will call you back.
CY : Don't even think about it.
*X & Y out of scene*
KT : Lee Bo Na! What are you doing with my girlfriend in broad daylight?
BN : I'm speechless.
CY : (to Kim Tan) Why take it out on her? Eun Sang's not exactly Mother Theresa, she craves men.
ES : Yoon Chan Young! Stop making stuff!
BN : (to Eun Sang) Why are you yelling at Chan Young?
KT : (to Bo Na) You have no right to speak.
BN : Don't talk to me, I'm not your girlfriend.
CY : Then stop seeing other boys.
KT : Damn right.

OH MY GOD, they're too cute and adorable! I had to bite my pillow to bear their cheesiness.
I heard a news that SBS will be airing The Heirs Christmas Special next Wednesday. Whoa! I'm rooting for another ChanBo's lovey dovey moments!

Have a lovely weekend! XOXO :)

(pictures taken from Heirs Official, DNBLUE, and my own caps)