Saturday, December 14, 2013

7 Things I Love About 윤찬영

The Heirs has ended last Thursday. No more longing for my midweek happy pills : the most lovely and adorable screen couple on drama land, Yoon Chan Young & Lee Bo Na. But even before the drama started almost 3 months ago, based on the character description, I already put a close attention on Yoon Chan Young. Pardon my affectional biased for the actor, but maybe from the list I've made below, Chan Young's truly the boyfriend that every girls want.

1. He's a top class student (and class president too)

2. He has the ultimate killer eye-smile

3. He's a supportive and loyal friend

4. He's just a middle class boy, surrounded by the richest kids in town at school, but he gained everyone's respect because he's smart and have a good attitude 

5. He loves his dad for life, a son to be proud of

6. He can cook

7. He's (the most) a sweet, loving, charming, endearing, and faithful boyfriend (...I've ever known)

You'll be missed, Yoon Chan Young x(

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