Saturday, March 1, 2014

7 things I love about "Can't Stop"

After a year going around for Blue Moon World Tour, CNBLUE finally made a comeback and released their 5th mini album last week. The title track Can't Stop is written, composed, produced by the multi-talented musician (and also the band leader), Jung Yong Hwa. This mini album consists of 6 songs, Yong Hwa contributed in 5 songs and guitarist Jong Hyun dropped one of his self composed song.

If you listened to their music since 4 years ago, you might would have the same experience as I am right now. Yes, they've grown up. Can't Stop is so fresh, well-making, surprisingly sweet with catchy lyrics and melody. I'll give you my 7 things I love about this song and mini album.

1) Twisted surprise
"Don't judge a book by its cover", we heard that popular quote a lot didn't we? To describe Can't Stop I prefer to say: "Don't judge a song by its first verse". It's a perfect song for welcoming bright and colorful spring after a stormy snowy gloomy winter.

2) Bridge part
As I mentioned earlier, Can't Stop is a twisted song. It begins with a mellow weepy lyrics and melody, but once it hits the chorus you can feel how energized this song is. That's why I love the bridge part, as the drum's beat along with strings instruments are increasing the tempo gradually.

3) Self composed
I have no reason to not to love Yong Hwa's self composed songs. Especially his love songs.

4) Once in a while front line drummer
The drummer, Kang Min Hyuk, is my fav member from this band. As the drummer he's always hidden far away on the back. But now he finally has a chance to switch spot and become the front liner of the band (or at least has his own upper stage). YEAY!

5) Live interactions
Just a week before the release date, all of the members went public with their own Twitter account. They've been used @CNBLUE_4 together, now it feels more lively once they post an update from their own account. Even following, retweeting or reply a comment from their seniors or colleagues. They also held a guerilla Q&A with fans recently! #CantStop tweeting about #CNBLUE huh?

6) CN in suits
For this comeback promo, the boys look so dashingly handsome in a clean cut suit. It always be my fav concept. Even though I raised one of my eyebrows when they wore the mango-peach color suits on the first part of their music video. More over, sometimes I closed one of my eyes when I saw they're dressed in a pattern suits for their "Before Midnight in NY" teaser pictures. Other than that... you can see my eyes shining :)

7) Well executed marketing
At first I thought this mini-album would have a weak concept because it's so silly when their company already released a statement that they would comeback at the end of February but they're not shoot the music video yet. It feels like the company racing over something. The first and second pictures they took in NY doesn't seem related with the music video teaser which released a week after. So it's so hard to guess the main concept. But once the music video and the whole album package came out, I don't even give a damn about the concept. They has wrapped up their tour in America at the end of January, so they got a chance to be featured in a documentary show in Mnet America and promoting their new album on the west side. They just finished a successful world tour for a year, so they has gained a lot of new listeners around the world. They teamed up with SBS for an exclusive all live comeback show and  appeared as a special guest in a popular variety show "Running Man"(plus win the race!). They asked another famous artists to listen to their pre-released songs and gave comments about the songs. Even though now they're competing with two big girls group (Girls' Generation & 2NE1) while promoting their new songs, I still believe they will have a shot.

"This album is for spring season. Cold winter has finally ended and we're welcoming blossoming spring." -GO! CNBLUE by Mnet America

If you curious to listen the whole album, please buy Can't Stop on iTunes Store.
I #CantStop spamming about #CNBLUE. My bad, sorry ^^

(all images and videos are courtesy of FNC Ent)

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