Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm A Loner

I'm the type of person who read the lyrics and try to find the meaning behind a song. I'm a weirdo.

Last night I went to have some fun with my friends and decided to close the day with 2,5 hours of karaoke. I've got a chance to sing CNBLUE's Oetoriya (I'm A Loner) although I sang the song alone happily because none of my friends know how to sing this song ;p

This morning, I heard the same song on my phone, scrolled down the lyrics, while humming with its melody. After read those words throughly, I stunned for a moment.. *blush & burning* daradiridaraduu..

Somehow, I love how FNC Music formed and named the band as C(ode) N(ame) B(urning)L(ovely)U(ntouchable)E(motional). Because, IMHO, their music perfectly sync with those words :)

In case you haven't seen the MV of Oetoriya, you can check this video out! 

Cr. Yume816 (YouTube)

  해도 다른 사람 생긴걸 알아... 이미 너와 나의 거리... 멀어진 그리고 벌어진 남보다 못한 우리 사이...
차라리 다른 사람 생겼다고 내가 싫으면 싫다고... 차라리 솔직하게 말해줬다면  너를 죽도록 미워하진 않았을 텐데...  말을 되새겨 봐도 이리저리 둘러대는 거짓말이야...


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