Friday, July 6, 2012

Blue Storm Review (plus Japanese Comeback)

I received "CNBLUE Blue Storm Live Concert DVD" as my birthday present from my big brother 2 weeks ago. It was about a month after my birthday, but I was so happy when the package finally arrived. The DVD set include two DVDs with a one hundred-page phonebook. The first DVD includes the full coverage of the Blue Storm concert in Seoul and the second DVD is the making of the concert. Blue Storm was the theme of CNBLUE Asia's tour for promoting their first Korean album "First Step" last year. 

Cr. Google

The Blue Storm Concert (Live in Seoul) was held two days in a row on September 17th and 18th, 2011. The boys performed 24 songs, including 3 songs from Heartstrings soundtrack: " Star" (Minhyuk's solo performance), "Because I Miss You" and "You've Fallen For Me". Heartstrings is a Korean drama where Yonghwa participated as the main actor and Minhyuk as one of supporting actors.


Before playing "You've Fallen For Me", Jungshin asked Yonghwa's permission to sing the first verse of this song, then they were joking around about Jungshin's role as their happy virus and Yonghwa's strange habit to sleep with Jungshin when they're overseas haha :))

A surprise came form the boys when they played "Love Light" with a different arrangement. A sweet-ballad song became a tough-rock n roll one. Whoaa :O

Now I'm dying to watch, jump, and shout on their live performance… huhuhu :( I hope their will finish and release their new album soon along with an Asia tour!

Nowadays, CNBLUE was busy preparing their Japanese comeback with a brand new song "Come On". Warner Music Japan has released the teaser of Come On MV last Sunday and the single will come out on August 1st! Take me to Japaaannnnnn aaaaaaaa…

Yesterday I already found the full version of Come On MV on Youtube :D

Cr. ochdusaysl44 (YouTube)

What are you doing this Friday night? I will be having a dinner with my high school friends. It will be fun for sure! Happy Friday! :)

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