Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Glee Project: from 1.0 to 2.0

There's something wrong with my internet connection since last week :( I've been longing to write something about The Glee Project. So, after my connection is back, finally here they are!

The Glee Project is a competition with an ultimate grand prize: a new role on Glee. In order to win, The Contenders should conquer the weekly theme (Individuality, Tenacity, Dance-ability, etc) and show their best performance to The Mentors (Nikki Anders - Vocal Arranger & Songwriter of Glee, Robert Ulrich - Casting Director of Glee, Zach Woodle - Choreographer of Glee) and Ryan Murphy as co-creator of Glee. For each episode, The Contenders have to nail their homework assignment, record a song and learn choreography for their big group number to create a music video, and wish they get call back.

The winners from the first season are Damian McGinty, Samuel Larson, Lindsay Pierce, and Alex Newell. Below there are some pictures of their appearance on Glee Season 3.

Damian McGinty as Rory Flanagan

Samuel Larson as Joe Hart
Cr. Tumblr

Lindsay Pearce as Harmony

Alex Newell as Wade/Unique

The second season of The Glee Project is currently airing on Oxygen. Let's meet The Contenders!

1. Abraham Lim - The Asian boy
2. Ali -  The cheerful girl on a wheelchair
3. Aylin - The most flirtatious one
4. Blake - The boy next door
5. Charlie - The boy who born to be a director
6. Dani - The boyish girl
7. Lily Mae - The most competitive one
8. Mario - The guy who sees the world from his heart
9. Maxfield - The newbie perfomer
10. Michael - The boy who loves math
11. Nellie - The girl who lack of confident
12. Shanna - The sweetest smiley girl
13. Taryn - The one who left the show voluntarily on eps 2
14. Tyler - The transgender boy

Which one is your favorite? My favorite are geeky Michael, quirky Nellie, and lovely Shanna :)
Last night, the 7th episode was aired and up until now 7 contenders have left the competition, while the rest are still struggling to reach their dream and get a special role on Glee Season 4.

The most famous and favorite contender from The Glee Project Season 1, Cameron Mithcell, has posted a new video on his youtube recently. I love his new hair! ;)

You can check out another Cameron's cool videos and awesome music from his youtube channel: cameronmitchellmusic. You should watch Stop This Train (John Mayer Cover) video, both Cameron's face and voice will melt you down..

Hell yeah, I'm a Gleek.

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