Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to: the simplest way to make Tteokbokki

떡볶이 / Tteokbokki (I pronounced it as Tokpoki) is one of Korean popular snacks. In Korea, you can find this dish almost everywhere: street vendors, food stalls, or restaurants. Shindang-dong is the most famous area to eat Tteokbokki in Seoul. If you ever watch Korean drama or variety show, I'm sure you've seen this spicy snack. The main ingredients of this dish are rice cake called garaetteok and gochujang (Korean red chilli paste).

Tteokbokki has become my favorite Korean dish since the first time I tried it, maybe because I love to eat spicy food ^^. With a little guide from a good friend of mine @ava_afra, who's been studying Korean language and culture, now I can make my own Tteokbokki at home :)

On this post I'll share my simplest way to cook Tteokbokki.

1. Rice cake
2. Fish cake
3. Gochujang (red chilli paste)
4. Ramyeon or instant noodles' seasoning
5. Your own choice of vegetables (I used chives and cabbage)
6. Water
7. Sugar
You can also added meat, anchovies, ramyeon, or an egg, it depends on your taste :)

1. Boil an egg until it's cooked.

2. Cut the rice cake (about a half of finger size), fish cake, and vegetables.

3. Pour 300 ml of water to your pan then add ramyeon or instant noodles' seasoning, two table spoons of Gochujang, and one table spoons of sugar. Stir and wait until the water boils (about 3 minutes). Actually, the amount of gochujang and sugar are depend on you taste.

4. Add the rice cake (plus ramyeon or instant noodle if you want). Wait about 3 minutes until they're cooked.

5. Add the fish cake and vegetables. Stir and wait about 5 minutes until they're all cooked and the rice cake is shiny.

6. Peel and add the egg that already boiled before. Stir until the sauce is thick.

Voila! This is my home made Tteokbokki :D

I always bought the rice cake, fish cake, and gochujang from K-Mart or Korean Market at Wijaya (near Grand Wijaya Center). I haven't checked yet if Lotte Mart also sell those things.

So, what's your plan this Sunday? Dare to try or cook Tteokbokki? Wish you have a great one, happy Sunday! ;)

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