Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meet Kripac and Bareilles

I have a habit to listen to some music before sleep. Last night, my iTunes shuffled around through Lenka's and Sara Bareilles' songs. I just realized it has been a while since the last time I heard their voices, I guess I really drown and sink too deep into Korean Wave lately >.<

As a fan, I went to Sara's and Lenka's concert in Jakarta last year. I really really love Sara's performance! It was an intimate yet joyful concert because Sara loved to play around with the audience. When the audience asked Sara to sing one of her hits "Between The Lines" even though the song is not on her list, she still tried to sing it while trying to guess some of the song's keys on her piano. It's so funny when she made several mistakes because she hasn't practice to play it for a long time :) Sara was wearing a simple all black outfit, up do her hair, and the stage decoration is just an all black curtain too. It was so simple yet memorable. I wish I'll have a chance to watch her live performance again someday. When I opened Sara's official web, the homepage placed a big announcement about her new EP. I'm listening to her new songs at the moment ^^

Lenka's performance was also fun and enjoyable. She was on an early pregnancy when she held her concert in Jakarta last October. She has asked one of her fans to write some lyrics for "Everything At Once" and sang that new version while play the tunes on her keyboard :) She's wearing a simple batik dress that look so cute on her. The stage was small with a little decoration that match with her second album concept "Two". Everything's good except the choice of the concert venue. I went through to Lenka's official website and it hasn't been updated for a while, I guess Lenka is currently enjoying her new duty as a mother :)

Below are some youtube links of my favorites songs from Lenka and Sara!

2. Lenka - Don't Let Me Fall
3. Lenka - The Show
4. Lenka - Heart Skips A Beat
5. Lenka - Everything's Okay
6. Lenka - Bring Me Down

I love the concept of Lenka's "Trouble is A Friend" video!

7. Sara Bareilles - King of Anything

My fav MV!

8. Sara Bareilles - Love Song
9. Sara Bareilles - Uncharted
10. Sara Bareilles - Basket Case
11. Sara Bareilles - Gravity
12. Sara Bareilles - Love on The Rocks

Have you ever heard Sara's version of Yellow? IMO, it's more heartbreaking than Coldplay..

Hope you'll enjoy their music as much as I do ;)

Happy Thursday! Who's fasting today? Happy fasting you, you, and you! :D

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